I lost my dog; what do I do?
Contact Brighton Animal Control at (585) 784-5120. Give us your name, address and phone number. Give us the breed, color, sex, age and any collar/tags that are on the dog. If you live near the border of the city or another town then you should contact their animal control departments as well: Rochester (585) 428-7274; Penfield (585) 340-8616; Henrietta (585) 359-7009; Pittsford (585) 248-6240. You should also contact the Humane Society at (585) 223-1330. If your dog returns home before we call you back then please leave us a message to let us know you are all set.

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1. I lost my dog; what do I do?
2. My dog is impounded; what do I do?
3. My dog was impounded by a Police Officer after 6:30 p.m. on a Friday; what do I do?
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