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The Town of Brighton is a healthy, diverse, and vibrant community that continues to grow. As the community thrives and changes, it is important to evaluate the recreation needs of all our residents so the Town can grow with the community.

The Town of Brighton is conducting a Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study to assess the community’s need and desire for a community and recreation facility that could expand existing activities and offer a broader range of new programs. The study includes, but is not limited to, the following tasks: 

  1. Evaluate the current and future recreational and social programming needs/priorities within the Town of Brighton
  2. Identify and evaluate community need for a Community & Recreation Center and/or park development
  3. Identify existing facilities within the Town of Brighton that could accommodate the current recreational programs and administration
  4. Assess partnership opportunities with non-profit organizations, private organizations, community groups, or other local governments including school districts

Several public engagement opportunities will provide vital information and insight regarding the Town’s recreation needs.

Brighton Community & Recreation Center 
Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study 
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