2020 Chip Seal Road Maintenance Program

The Town Highway Department will begin its chip seal road maintenance program on May 18, 2020 weather permitting.  The roadways to be chip sealed are listed in below 

Chip sealing is one of several methods used to maintain Town roads. The Town does not use chip seal as an alternative to an asphalt overlay; rather, it is preventative maintenance to prolong the life of roadways.  Chip Sealing is the spray application of an asphalt emulsion followed immediately by spreading and rolling a layer of stone chips. Chip Sealing produces an all-weather surface that improves skid resistance and seals the pavement surface. Any loose stone chips will be swept up one to two weeks after the initial application.

An interactive map of Chip seal locations is provided below.

Cobb TerraceElmwoodHighland Ave.
Hemingway Dr.ElmwoodHighland Ave.
Hemingway Ct.Hemingway Dr.Hemingway Dr.
Hollywood Ave.Monroe Ave.Elmwood Ave.
Monterey Pkwy.Hollywood Ave.Antlers Dr.
Sonora PkwySylvan Rd.St. Regis Dr. S
St. Regis Dr. S.Seminole WayMonroe Ave.
Eldridge Ave.HighlandDead End
Midland Ave.HighlandDead End
Ashley Dr.Fairfield De.Boniface Dr.
Ashley Dr. Spur 1

Ashley Dr. Spur 2

Boniface Dr.Ashley Dr.Cul-de-Sac
Helen Rd.E. River Rd.Dead End
Center Dr.W. Henrietta Rd.Dead End
Northern Dr.W. Henrietta Rd.Dead End
Chlemsford Rd.Winton Rd. S.Commonwealth Rd.
Chlemsford La.Commonwealth Rd.Elmwood Av.e
Clovercrest Dr.Elmwood Ave.Emmons Dr.
Grosvenor Rd. S.Elmwood Ave.Dead End
Emmons Dr.Clovercrest Dr.S. Grosvenor Rd.
Landon Pkwy.S. Grosvenor Rd.Clover St.
Fireside Dr.Clovercrest Dr.Clover St.
Edgeview La.Monroe Ave.Roosevelt Rd.
Roosevelt Rd.Monroe Ave.Westfall Rd.
Sunset Dr.OrchardDead End
Cohasset Dr.Lynnwood Dr.Hollyvale Dr.
Currywood Cir.Hollyvale Dr.Cul-de-Sac
Hollyvale Dr.Winton Rd.Lynnwood Dr.
Lynnwood Dr.Westfall Rd.Dead End
Dunrovin La.Edgewood Ave.Edgewood Ave.
Dorking Rd.Clover St.N. Landing Rd.