Town Board

The Brighton Town Board is the legislative appropriating, governing and policy determining body of the Town. The Town Board determines the types and levels of service to be provided in the Town. The board annually adopts the Town budget which reflects the cost of conducting operations and monitors Town operations. In its legislative capacity, the Board passes resolutions and enacts ordinances and laws which govern the functions of town government and ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.

The Town Board consists of five members - the Town Supervisor and four Councilmembers - who are elected by town voters and represent the Town at large. Councilpersons serve a four-year term of office, and the Supervisor serves a two-year term. 

Town Board Members

Christine Corrado Headshot
Christine E. Corrado

585-784-5257 (town)

Community Services Committee Member
Robin R. Wilt

585-309-2638 (mobile)

Finance and Administrative Services Committee Member
Jason S. DiPonzio

585-784-5256 (town)
585-530-8515 (office)
585-461-4952 (home)

Public Works Committee Member
Christopher K. Werner

585-784-5254 (town)
585-232-5300 ext 254 (office)
585-244-7263 (home)

Public Safety Committee Member