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The Brighton Farmers Market has held a winter market every year since the market's founding in 2008, with various locations and schedules. The winter market is an important project that allows farmers and producers to earn revenue during the slow winter months, and community members to have access to local foods year-round. For the last several years, the market has been located in the gym at the Brookside Recreation Center. It is a challenging space and location. The space is too small and cramped, offers no room for growth, and market scheduling is limited. There are complaints from customers and vendors about the space, and also uncertainties about the future of the Brookside building itself.

As Town staff continue to design and develop the site, various stakeholders provide input based on their preferences and requirements. Initially, the Buckland House driveway was proposed as the entrance to the Winter Farmers Market. The initial layout would have resulted in the construction of a long and expensive access drive. Therefore, Town staff met with the the Monroe County Department of Transportation to discuss a more cost effective entrance. At the suggestion of the Monroe County Department of Transportation, the entrance has been relocated opposite of Avalon Drive. This change required modifications to the overall layout of the site. The previously scheduled public information open house on March 19, 2020 was intended to seek input from the community on the modifications to the development of the site. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, the public information open house was cancelled. However, community input is important to the Town of Brighton, therefore, we have provided electronic copies of the documents and display boards which would have been presented to the public at the information open house in the table below. We invite you to review all of the information

3/19/2020 Public Information Open House Documents

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