Knox Box Information

The Knox-Box® Rapid Entry System is a secure emergency access program developed for property owners and first responders. First Responders across North America use the Knox-Box Rapid Entry System to prevent costly entry damage while protecting property and lives.

When a fire breaks out or there is a medical emergency, Knox® products allow immediate entry into buildings and property without forced entry damage or delay. Property owners store entrance keys, access cards and floor plans in high-security Knox-Box key boxes mounted near building entrances.

Each Knox-Box purchased by a property owner is keyed to a single master key controlled by the local responding department.
In addition to key boxes and vaults, Knox padlocks and key switches operate with the same master key. There are so many gated communities today that fire and police departments are delayed when responding to emergency calls. Increased property damage and even total loss is a threat when the property is not accessible.

If you would like to learn more about Knox-Box products, you can browse their electronic library or place a request for printed brochures 

knox-vault-3200-series-dimensionsKnoxBox 3200 Series

Standard capacity

Holds up to 10 keys, access cards or entry items

This is the most  "commonly ordered" commercial key box

Here Is How to Order a Knox Box System Online

  Please Visit

  • Choose the Knox Box System you would like to purchase.
  • In the provided boxes, enter the requested information to find the correct Fire Department.
  • In order to proceed with the purchase of Knox products in this category for select jurisdictions, please enter the product installation zip code OR partial department name:
  • Installation ZIP / Postal Code: 14618 / 14610 / 14620 / 14623
  • Department Name or City: Brighton Fire District / West Brighton Fire Protection District
  • State (Optional): New York
  • Select the "Add to Cart" icon once you are ready to purchase. Select options, and then complete the product's installation address.
  • Once you are finished, click "Check Out". Fill out your payment information (credit card details) and shipping address. When your order is completed, the Brighton Fire Department or West Brighton Fire Protection District administration will receive notification for approval.
  • When approved, the item will be shipped directly to you for installation.

After Installation

Call the appropriate fire department agency to come out to lock up the contents.

  • Brighton Fire District - Direct Non Emergency # - (585) 381-3200
  • West Brighton Fire Protection District - Office of the Fire Marshal # - (585) 784-5220

What Keys Are Needed to Be Installed in My Knox Box 

The Office of the Fire Marshal can assist you with that information. Keys required will vary from one business to another. A list of keys for the exterior doors, and all interior doors which control access to shared systems such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), Sprinkler systems, Fire Alarm and electrical panels.

How Secure Is a Knox Box System?

Security has always been a Knox strong point. Designed for maximum protection, each virtually indestructible box features a special high-security Medeco lock and key. This Medeco restricted locking system guards against unauthorized key duplication. Keys aren't even available to locksmiths or lock distributors – only The Knox Company can supply these keys! Our system offers maximum security at every step. Each city has an exclusive key code. All Knox-Box stations in that city are keyed alike – and only the Fire Department has master keys. Master keys are secured on our apparatus and are released via 911 emergency dispatch for the utmost in accountability and tracking purposes.

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