Operational Permit Services

Annual Permits

Day Care Facility Operation Permit Application
Dry Cleaning Operation Permit Application
Fuel Dispensing Operational Permit Application
Hotel / Motel Permit Operational Application
Multiple Residence Permit Application
Place of Public Assembly Operational Permit Application
Vehicle / Garage Repair Operational Permit

Construction Permits

Identification of Buildings Utilizing Truss Type Construction
High Piled Combustible Storage Survey
Temporary Construction Heating Equipment Operational Permit Application

Fire Protection Permits

Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems Permit

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Installation Permit
Emergency Lighting / EXIT Signage Testing Requirements
Inspection and Testing of Fire Protection Systems
Marking / Identification of Fire Hydrants
Private Fire Hydrant Maintenance

Hazardous Materials Permits

Aboveground Liquefied Petroleum Gas Operational Permit
Compressed Gas Operational Permit
Flammable/Combustible Liquid Tank Removal Permit Application
Hazardous Material Report Form - General Municipal Law 209-u
Liquid Propane Aboveground Tank Location
Liquid Propane Underground Tank Location
Medical Gas Operational Permit Application
NFPA 704 - Standard for Identification of Hazardous Materials
Spray Applied Flammable Finishes Permit Application
Underground Liquid Propane Permit Application

Occupancy Permits

Fire Safety Inspection Operational Permit Application
Use and Occupancy Operational Permit Application

Special Events Permits

Ceremonial Bon Fire Operational Permit Application
Pyrotechnic Fireworks Permit Application
Tent Canopy or Air Supported Structure Permit Application
Tent Canopy or Air Supported Structure Guidelines