Bicycle Boulevard Project

Brighon's first Bicycle Boulevard will  open on Monday May 16th.  A bicycle boulevard is a low-speed street, where motorists expect to see bicyclists and are intended to improve bicyclist comfort and/or safety. The proposed route is approximately 1.7 miles long and starts at the Highland Avenue/Hillside Avenue intersection then continues south along Hillside Avenue to Claybourne Road. The Boulevard continues west along Claybourne Road and Warrington Drive then turns south west along Sylvan Road and ends at the Town of Brighton Town Hall.
Directional signs are installed along  the designated route through Brighton. This route will provide bicyclists access to recreational and work destinations, schools, police, library and local shops. Bicycle boulevards provide environmental, health, social and economic benefits while creating a sustainable community.

The proposed Bicycle Boulevard route is shown below:

Examples of Other Implementation of Bicycle Boulevards
Los Angeles, CA

Louisville, KY

Portland, OR
Fundamentals of Bicycle Boulevard Planning and Design

Berkeley, California

Town of Brighton Comprehensive Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan