Monroe Avenue Corridor Community Vision Plan (2011)

Vision Plan Summary & Files

Description of the Vision Plan process

In collaboration with the Brighton/Monroe Avenue Steering Committee, comprised of Brighton residents and stakeholders, the Rochester Regional Community Design Center (RRCDC) prepared this community-based Vision Plan for the Brighton/Monroe Avenue Corridor from Highland Avenue to Clover Street. This document serves to provide written and visual
design plans reflecting the goals and ideas of community stakeholders for development of the Monroe Avenue Corridor.

This report incorporates ideas suggested by over 70 residents and stakeholders at the Brighton/Monroe Avenue Community Charrette held on June 5th 2010 at Brighton High School. Charrette participants produced drawings that can be found in the focus area section of this document. The resulting plans integrate these ideas as elements of good design and planning that together contribute to a healthy, viable community and inspiration for the corridor’s future development. The process of creating the Vision Plan began in 2009 when the Town of Brighton contacted the RRCDC to begin working toward a charrette. Following the Brighton/Monroe Avenue Corridor Charrette, the process of creating the Vision Plan was carried out during the summer and fall of 2010.

Download the final version of the Monroe Avenue Corridor Community Vision Plan and the accompanying maps in .pdf format using the following links:
(Please note that Vision Plan Maps - Section 1 through Section 5, below, show the entire planning area and vision components, but do not begin and end in the same locations as maps shown in the Vision Plan Document.)
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The following are links to 2009 aerial photographs of the five sections of Monroe Avenue shown in the Vision Plan maps above; these can be used for reference with the Vision Plan maps.


Ramsey Boehner
Town Planner
Town of Brighton
2300 Elmwood Avenue
Rochester, NY 14618

Vision Plan Process, Event Dates & Links

The Vision Plan process began with the organization of a Steering Committee to direct the planning process. The Steering Committee was chaired by Brighton Councilwoman Sheila Gaddis and Planning Board member William Price. Other members of the committee were: Judy Schwartz, Laura Civiletti, Rome Celli, Jay Judson, Judy Schwartz, Dan Hallowell, Barbara Cutrona and Andrew Spencer.

The town also engaged the services of the Rochester Regional Community Design Center (RRCDC) to consult with the Steering Committee, produce the planning documents, and other services.

A Community Design Charrette was held on June 5, 2010 at Brighton High School. A charrette is an intensive, all day process at which citizens, property owners, and other stakeholders collaborate, with the assistance of design professionals, to express and document ideas about an area. Prior to the charrette, on March 20, Steering Committee members, along with members of the design team organized by RRCDC, walked Monroe Avenue to better familiarize themselves with the avenue and to identify assets and issues to stimulate the interaction at the charrette.
Follow these links for a information regarding the June 5 charrette.

Following the charrette, the ideas generated during the charrette process were reviewed and organized by the Rochester Regional Community Design Center, and a Preliminary Report was prepared and posted on this website.

View the Preliminary Report June, 2010 (note: large file)

To provide for public review of the comments made at the charrette and to offer an opportunity for comment for those who were not able to attend the charrette, a public meeting was held on Tuesday, July 27 at 7:00 PM at the town hall auditorium. The public meeting was well attended, and numerous comments were recorded by the town's consultant to be considered in preparing the Draft Vision Plan for the avenue.

Taking into consideration all of the comments made and ideas put forth at the charrette and following the July 27 meeting, a draft vision plan was prepared, and a public meeting was scheduled and announced for November 4, 2010 to review the draft in a PowerPoint presentation and accept further comments.

View the Draft Plan Slideshow (PDF)

A final draft of the Town of Brighton Monroe Avenue Corridor Community Vision Plan was prepared following review of the comments received at the November 4 meeting. The final draft was made available for public review on this website and hard copies of the draft were made available in the town hall and at the Brighton library. The final draft was presented at a public meeting on January 13, 2011 at the Brighton town hall.

The final version of the Town of Brighton Monroe Avenue Corridor Community Vision Plan, along with the vision plan maps, is now available for review by clicking the link at the top of the page, and will soon be available at the Brighton Memorial Library and at the Building & Planning Department at the Brighton Town Hall.

The Vision Plan steering committee wishes to thank and to gratefully acknowledge the many residents, property owners, business owners, government representatives, design professionals, and volunteers who so generously gave their time and their thoughts to make the vision plan process a success.