NYSDOT Diverging Diamond Interchange at Interstate 590/Winton Road

The New York State Department of Transportation completed the construction of the Diverging Diamond during the Summer of 2012 which is located at Interstate 590 and Winton Road in the Town of Brighton.

The Diverging Diamond was built to address safety concerns that were caused by traffic backups on I-590 in the mornings and on Winton Road in the evenings.

A Diverging Diamond Interchange is a unique roadway design that requires traffic on the non-freeway road to briefly drive on the opposite side of the road. Traffic crosses from the right to the left side of the highway at signalized intersections, allowing a free flow of traffic onto the interstate. This configuration eliminates left turns across traffic and minimizes conflict points, resulting in fewer and less severe crashes. For more information please click here.

A visual representation of the Diverging Diamond is provided here.