The Town of Brighton has developed and maintains a stormwater management plan (SWMP) and is committed to collaborating with local businesses and residents in pursuit of clean stormwater. Brighton discharges stormwater in accordance with the NYSDEC SPEDES general permit for stormwater discharges from municipal separate storm systems.

Stormwater pollution is the sediment, bacteria, fertilizers, pesticides, automotive fluids, and other materials that are washed from surfaces such as parking lots, roads, roofs, and construction sites during a rain storm or snow melt. The gutters, storm drains, pipes, ditches, and outfalls that comprise the stormwater system transport these pollutants to the nearest waterway. In many cases, stormwater runoff is not treated at a wastewater treatment plant.

The Town of Brighton collaborates with the Monroe County Stormwater Coalition to develop educational opportunities, investigate and implement best management practices, provide and offer training, and ensure that Brighton has the tools it needs to keep our local waterways clean of stormwater pollution.

For additional information and details about Stormwater Phase II, visit the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation’s website at

Buckland Creek Project

The Town of Brighton is partnering with the Water Education Collaborative on the "Buckland Creek Restoration Project". This grant funded demonstration project will provide assistance to homeowners with installing rain barrels, rain gardens, and streamside plantings on their property to reduce stormwater pollution and protect the Creek. For details, see the Project Brochure and Community Participation Information Summary. Homeowners who live directly along Buckland Creek have a special opportunity to help restore this community resource and are especially encouraged to participate. Paul Sawyko, the project manager at the Collaborative, may be contacted at 753-5441. A brief PowerPoint presentation regarding the project can be found at the following link: Buckland Creek WEC

The Project Brochure is located here </DocumentCenter/View/3828> , the Buckland Creek watershed is located here, and the Community Participation Information Summary is located here. To determine if you're eligible to receive this grant, see if your address is in within the watershed here </DocumentCenter/View/3623> .

To learn more about stormwater and how it affects the community you live in, please visit the following links:

Stormwater Coalition Joint Annual Report:

The Coalition's 2021-2022 Joint Annual Report for the period March 10, 2021 through March 9, 2022 includes compliance activities that were accomplished during the reporting period and performance measures to evaluate overall effectiveness of each minimum control measure. Reportable activities specific to each Coalition member may be obtained from the individual municipality. The public is encouraged to review these materials and provide comments to the Coalition staff or their respective member representative. More information on the draft annual report can be found at the following link:  

Monroe County Stormwater Coalition Page

To view the Town of Brighton's submission digitally (available in print at the Brighton Public Library and DPW Office):  
Town of Brighton Joint MS4 Annual Report Form (PDF)

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