Common Residential Projects - Requirements and Fees

Common Residential Projects - Basic Requirements & Fees

The following information is a guide to the applicant in providing the necessary materials to process a building permit. IT IS NOT GUARANTEED TO BE ALL-INCLUSIVE. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide any additional material(s) to complete the application.

* Building permits for new construction and additions could take 2-3 weeks to review; please plan accordingly.
* If adding Livable Floor Area please complete a Single Family Zoning Information Form
* All contractors must submit a Workers Compensation Certificate or waiver
* Visible changes from the street may require Architectural Review Board approval.
* Failure to obtain a building permit - Fees will be doubled
* If the project is in an EPOD (Environmental Protection Overlay District) area, Planning Board review may be required
*Please include the following with your application: Two (2) paper sets of the building plans (projects over $20,000 will require an Architects stamp and one (1) digital set of the plans). One (1) copy of the survey map, original scale, with the proposed project accurately scaled on it.

Shed/Gazebo - rear yard only, 5' from any property line (rear and side lines), no taller than 16' or larger than 250 SF. If from a kit (or pre-fab) and not larger than 120 SF, can be issued same day. Not from a kit or larger than 120 SF, must be reviewed. Must submit: 1) instrument survey map with shed drawn on to scale, plans for shed (kit plans or construction drawings) FEE-$40 up to 125 SF/ $50.00 over 125 SF.

Fences - Height restrictions - 3'6" front yard, 6'6" side and rear yard (including finials, posts, etc.); good or decorative side must face neighbors; can go up to the property line but not on it.
Must submit: 1) instrument survey map showing location of fence, 2) permit application (must know type of fence, name of contractor, address, phone #, etc.) FEE - $35 (residential)

A/C Units - Can be in side or rear yard, 5' from property line, no louder than 78 decibels, and unit must be screened from neighboring properties with fencing or shrubbery to reduce the visual impact. Must submit: 1) instrument survey map showing location of unit, 2) specs on unit being installed w/ decibel level 3) permit application FEE - $35. Permit issued at counter.

Swimming Pools/Hot Tubs - rear yard only - 10' from side and rear property lines (including any decking); must be enclosed with fence 4' high and gate capable of being locked or access area to pool must be properly fenced (see Section 207-11.C); it can not occupy more than 25% of the rear yard area, after excluding all private garages or other structures; a pool alarm will be required. Must submit: 3 copies of literature on pool/hot tub being installed, 2 copies of survey map with hot tub/pool drawn on to scale, complete a building permit application.(See DECK requirements, if adding a deck) Fee- Inground-$85.00; Above ground/hot tub -$70.00; (fencing $35, if applicable) If hot tub has NYS Approved lock top, it is exempt from fencing requirements

Additions - Visible from the street? - may require Architectural Review Board approval (application). Must meet side setbacks (15% of the lot width) and front/ rear setbacks (either 40' or 60'-check zoning maps) Must submit:
1) two copies of scaled survey map w/ new addition drawn on to scale;
2) three sets of construction drawings (stamped by architect/engineer);
3) zoning calculations;
4) res-check;
5) completed building permit application (with contractor’s workers compensation form & a town-registered plumber) Residential - $.25 SF, $5.50/ plumbing fixture, $45.00 Certificate of Occupancy fee.

Decks - Height under 18" without any railings or permanent seating, planters, etc. is considered a patio and no permit is required. Patios must be 4' in from property lines, and no more than 35% of rear yard or 30% of front yard. Maximum height of screening attached to patio/deck shall not exceed 6' 6" from grade.
Height 18" or over is considered a deck, and requires a permit. If visible from street will require Architectural Review Board approval. Verify setback requirements for front/rear yard (RLA-60', RLB and RLC-40'). Must submit: 2 copies of the instrument survey map with deck drawn-on to scale, two sets of construction drawings, complete deck hand-out. (Review process 10-14 business days) Fee $.25 SF

Driveways/highway Right of Way Work- Please note that all work within the highway right-of-way requires a permit from the Town. Please review Highway Access Guidelines for details.

Highway Right of Way Permit applications are available here: Forms and Brochures

Generators - Residential: rear yard only, behind the house, and 10' from property lines. Must submit: spec sheet showing decibel level, (no louder than 72 decibels), make and model number and survey map - $35. permit fee.

Hot Water Heaters, Furnaces - Must submit: spec sheet on unit installing, simple sketch of floor plan - Fee - $35. (Review process of 7-10 business days)

Garages - Detached - not larger than 600 Sf and no taller than 16' and must be 5' from all property lines. A building permit is required Attached Garage -see Additions - must meet all setbacks - Can not exceed 900 sq ft (in a RM district, can not exceed 700 sf) Must submit: 3 sets of plans, 2 survey maps with garage drawn to scale . Fee $.25 SF

Kitchens/Baths - if replacing fixtures, cabinets and plumbing (sink, tub, dishwasher, etc.) in the same location - no permit required. If changing the layout of the room, enlarging or removing walls, moving the plumbing fixtures, etc., a permit is required. Must submit: 3 sets of building plans (a licensed plumber may be required. If an addition, see “Addition” above) Fee see addition

Fireplaces/Gas Inserts - a building permit is required. Must submit two copies of floor plan showing all windows and doorways; 2 copies of manufacturer’s spec sheet for unit; must include information on materials used for flooring and wall protection . Fee $35.00

Window Replacement - requires a permit if replacing more than 50% of windows. Changing the size may require structural drawings and ARB, if visible from the street. Must submit: literature on the window, contractors workers compensation, building permit application. Fee $35.00

Remodeling House - adding/ removing walls, insulation, dry-walling, remodel porch, attic, basement or garage, heated (RES-CHECK) or non heated space, a permit is required.
Must submit: three copies of plans(if structural may require an Architect stamp) (see addition for fee)

Re-Roofing - Must submit: application, proposal/contract (break down of work) Fee $35.00. (No more than two layers of asphalt shingles should be on roof, per NYS code)