Office of the Attorney to the Town

Kenneth W. Gordon, Esq.

Attorney to the Town


The Attorney to the Town is legal counsel to the Town Board and the Historic Preservation Commission. Duties include responsibility for the drafting and review of all resolutions and local laws considered by the Town Board and for the drafting of motions and review of actions taken by the Historic Preservation Commission. The Attorney to the Town is also responsible for contract review, certain personnel issues, and a variety of other matters for the Town, including advising the Supervisor, Town Board members, Town Clerk, Department Heads and other Town staff on legal matters involving municipal governance issues.

Please note:  

The Attorney to the Town cannot provide legal advice to Brighton residents or other members of the public on any legal matters including matters of interpretation or enforcement of the Town Code or other laws.

If you have any questions regarding the role of the Attorney to the Town, please contact the Assistant to the Town Supervisor at 784-5252. 

David Dollinger, Esq.

Deputy Attorney to the Town

The responsibilities of the Deputy Town Attorney for the Town of Brighton include:

  • Legal Counsel for the Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Legal Counsel for the Planning Board
  • Town Code enforcement for the Town Court