Sustainability Oversight Committee


The Sustainability Oversight Committee (SOC) has been established to review the Town of Brighton’s progress toward a sustainable community, as well as to review and recommend unified action on energy conservation, waste reduction, and other issues of sustainability.


The principal responsibility of the SOC is to advise the Town Board and/or Planning Board on public and private matters that involve sustainability issues such as energy and water conservation, recycling and waste reduction, building codes, business practices, green purchasing and sustainable transportation. The SOC will work in partnership with other public and private entities within and outside the Town of Brighton. The SOC carries out duties assigned to them by the Town Board or Supervisor such as:
  • Work in conjunction with Town staff or consultants in the development and periodic update of a blueprint for sustainability goals;
  • Maintain an updated list of green operation and policy change recommendations;
  • Review the capital improvement plan and submit comments to the Supervisor and Town Board;
  • Prepare and submit an annual report for the Town Board on its activities.


The SOC Committee is comprised of seven (7) members who are appointed by the Town Board, to serve two-year terms. The SOC Committee advises the Town Board and/or Planning Board, Zoning Board on matters affecting the energy conservation efforts and climate change mitigation measures, both public and private, in the regulation, development, use and maintenance of the natural and built features and conditions of the Town of Brighton.

A good faith effort is made to ensure that at least one of the members has professional, energy-related expertise and at least one is a business owner residing in the Town of Brighton.

A minimum of four meetings will be held per year at the Town Hall.

Please contact Michael Guyon at 784-5225 for a meeting schedule.

Finger Lakes Sustainability

The Finger Lakes Region is partnering with public and private experts across a wide range of fields, along with community residents, to lead the development of a regional sustainability plan and to implement projects that will significantly improve the economic and environmental health of our area. This effort will guide integrated, sustainable solutions - from statewide investments to regional decision-making on land use, housing, transportation, infrastructure, energy, and environmental practices - to improve our quality of life.

The Finger Lakes Regional Sustainability Plan is being developed and will be presented to the Rochester public at an open forum on February 28th from 5-7pm at the Rochester Museum and Science center. Visit Website


The 2020 SOC meeting schedule can be found here or Contact Mike Guyon at 784-5225. 

Meeting Minutes

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