Green Brighton

Sustainability Oversight Committee

The Sustainability Oversight Committee (SOC) was established by the Town Board on recommendation of the Green Brighton Task Force for the review of progress toward a sustainable community, and to foster a unified action on energy conservation, climate change and other issues of sustainability.

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Climate Action Plan

The Town of Brighton is preparing a Climate Action Plan with the help of a project team consisting of Barton & Loguidice, Anchor QEA, and Bergmann Associates. The SOC is serving as the steering committee for this project, and the first public information session was held in April 2022.

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Climate change is a reality, but there is much that we can do to address it at a local level, especially when it comes to buildings. That is why in 2017 the Town of Brighton passed the Local Law for Energy Benchmarking for Municipal Buildings of the Town of Brighton. This local law requires the Town of Brighton to annually report their energy use for covered municipal buildings, a practice known as benchmarking. The four major key elements to benchmarking are: 

  • Measuring a building’s energy use.
  • Comparing its use to the average for similar buildings and at similar points in time.
  • Allows the Town to understand their buildings’ relative energy performance.
  • Helps identify opportunities to cut energy waste.

Listed below are the Annual Benchmarking reports developed by the Town of Brighton:

2017 Benchmarking Report

2018 Benchmarking Report

 2019-2020 Benchmarking Report

Color Brighton Green is a non-profit organization focused on education and action to reduce our impact on the global climate and to build community through common purpose. The organization began as a committee of the Green Brighton Task Force, which was established by Supervisor Sandra Frankel in May 2007 to address the town's climate impact. After the Task Force submitted its recommendations to the Town Board in September 2008, became independent of the town government. It has affiliated with Center for Environmental Information (CEI) as its non-profit fiscal agent.

EmPower NY Energy Program

Learn how the Empower NY Energy Program can help save money on your home energy costs here.

Green Brighton Presentation for New York State Association of Towns 2010

There are two versions of the presentation available for viewing or download.

  • The PowerPoint version is a large (22.5MB) file with animation and transitions. It may be too large for some servers to download.
  • The Adobe PDF version is a smaller file (5.44MB) and may be a better choice for downloads.

Buckland Creek Project

The Town of Brighton is partnering with the Water Education Collaborative on the "Buckland Creek Restoration Project". This grant funded demonstration project will provide assistance to homeowners with installing rain barrels, rain gardens, and streamside plantings on their property to reduce stormwater pollution and protect the Creek. For details, see the Project Brochure and Community Participation Information Summary. Homeowners who live directly along Buckland Creek have a special opportunity to help restore this community resource and are especially encouraged to participate. Paul Sawyko, the project manager at the Collaborative, may be contacted at 753-5441.

The Project Brochure is located here </DocumentCenter/View/3828> , the Buckland Creek watershed is located here, and the Community Participation Information Summary is located here. To determine if you're eligible to receive this grant, see if your address is in within the watershed here </DocumentCenter/View/3623> .

2021-2022 Stormwater Annual Report

The Town's 2021-2022 Stormwater Annual Report for the period March 10, 2021 through March 9, 2022 includes compliance activities that were accomplished during the reporting period and performance measures to evaluate overall effectiveness of each minimum control measure. Residents are encouraged to review this report and provide comments to Town staff:

2021_2022 Stormwater Annual Report

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