Town of Brighton Open Space Index Update 2006-2007

The Open Space Index Update has been completed by the Brighton Conservation Board to fulfill the requirements of Brighton Town Code Section 223-5 and NYS General Municipal Law Section 239 to maintain a current index of open space within the Town of Brighton.

The original open space index was completed in 1973. At that time, the Town identified 23 separate areas of open space within the Town of Brighton and included recommendations for future development or use of each site.

In 1995-1996, the original open space index was updated, re-mapping the sites and providing additional technical information about each site inventoried.

This report updates the 1995-1996 study. For the current update, a total of 25 separate open space areas have been mapped for this index. These areas are shown in Figure 1 (see “8 OS Index 2006-07 Fig. 1 through Fig. 7.pdf”) and described in Table 1 (see “2 OS Index 2006-07 text.pdf”).

Organization of On-Line Documents
The on-line Open Space Index Update is separated into nine .pdf files:
For those who would like to study the entire document in detail, it may be most efficient to download the nine pdf files to your own computer. You will then find that the Chapters, Tables, Figures, and Open Space Areas listed in the Table of Contents are linked to their respective pages in the other included documents. Clicking on a link will open a separate window showing the page of interest.