Small Claims Court

The Small Claims Part of Brighton Town Court is an informal court where individuals only can sue for money, up to $3000.00. If, for example, you believe that a person or business damaged something you own, you can sue that person or business for the monetary amount of your loss provided it does not exceed $3000.00. To bring the case in Brighton, the party you are suing must either reside, have an office in, or be regularly employed in Brighton.

Corporations, partnerships, associations and assignees cannot sue in small claims court, although they can be sued there.
Justice Scale
Court Dates
Small claims court will be held once a month. Additional sessions will be added, if needed.

Beginning a Case
To begin the case, come to the court and a clerk will assist you with the necessary procedures. The cost is ten dollars ($10.00) if your claim is $1000.00 or less, and fifteen dollars ($15.00) if your claim exceeds $1000.00, but no more than $3000.00.

Counterclaims must be filed within five (5) days of receiving the small claim notice. The cost is three dollars ($3.00) plus the cost of postage.

It is requested that you obtain at least two (2) estimates of damages.

You will be assigned a court date and will be expected to appear on that date and be ready to present your case.You can obtain at the court an informational procedure entitled, "A Guide to Small Claims Court" at no cost. This guide provides helpful information on how to prepare for the court hearing.