Assessment Review

The Department of Assessment is well aware of the issues surrounding COVID-19. The 2020 Preliminary Assessment Roll is based upon the market conditions as of July 1, 2019 and the status of the property as of Taxable Status Date March 1, 2020. If COVID-19 does adversely affect the real estate market as of July 1, 2020, we will make the necessary adjustments on the 2021 Assessment Roll. However, legally we cannot take COVID-19 into consideration for the 2020 Preliminary Assessment Roll.

Informal Assessment Reviews

The Assessor’s office accepts informal assessment review requests annually from September through November. Changes to assessments based on an Informal review are applied to the next roll and are not retroactive.

Additional information is available by contacting the Assessor's Office by phone 585-784-5215 or by email.

Formal Assessment Reviews

The Tentative Assessment Roll is filed each May 1, and this marks the beginning of the formal review process. 

There are two levels of formal review:

  • Administrative review - the "grievance" process is conducted at the municipal level

    • The Administrative reviews are conducted annually on Grievance day—the 4th Tuesday of each May. A New York State Office of Real Property Services RP-524 Grievance Form is required. 
    • Please review the detailed requirements at Challenging Your Assessment prior to filing.

      A completed Form RP-524, with all supporting documentation, signed and dated, must be filed via mail or email with the Assessor’s Office at Brighton Town Hall, 2300 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618 on or before 8:00 PM on Grievance Day, May 25, 2021.
  • Judicial review

    • In order to pursue judicial review you must first go through administrative review
    • Includes two options:
      • Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) - a low-cost option available to most homeowners;
      • Tax certiorari proceedings in State Supreme Court - to pursue this option, you should contact an attorney.
    Additional information on how to file a grievance is available online from the 
    Department of Taxation and Finance  

    Please call the Assessor’s Office at (585) 784-5215 if you have any questions.