School Crossing Guards

The School Crossing Guards are responsible for the safe crossing of elementary and middle school children who attend school within the confines of the Town of Brighton. There are presently 11 School Crossing Guards who attend to the needs of students from four different schools. The majority of School Crossing Guards are located by the school complex around the 12 Corners area of the Town. The remainder are assigned to various schools located throughout the Town.

We are very proud of our School Crossing Guards for the outstanding job they do in protecting the school children from the hazards of crossing some of the busiest streets located within the County of Monroe. It is with great pride that the School Crossing Guards have maintained a perfect record of crossing children to and from school in all types of weather during the school year.

For further information regarding School Crossing Guards and their posts or duties, contact Deputy Chief Mike DeSain at 585-784-5109.