Animal Control Division


Phone: (585) 784-5120 (voice mail)
Fax: (585) 784-5151
9-1-1 for immediate attention


Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

About the Division

The Animal Control Division is responsible for responding to complaints dealing with all types of animals. This service generally concentrates on the dog population of the Town, but is also responsible for complaints dealing with raccoons, deer, trapped wildlife, and other concerns dealing with domestic or wild animals. Animal Control assists the Geese Control Task Force with the management of the goose population in the Town of Brighton. Further information

The Division is under the direct supervision of Officer Bruce Blackman (585-784-5123). Brighton's Animal Control officers responded to 1,037 calls for service in 2023.

The Animal Control Division also helps coordinate and sponsor the annual free rabies clinic, generally held on a Saturday in September or October. This clinic provides free vaccination shots for dogs, cats, and ferrets; as well as useful information concerning rabies, licensing, proper health and nutrition tips, all at no charge to the participants. Further information

Bruce Blackman

Officer Bruce Blackman