Sewer District

Water Backing Up in Your Basement?
Call us first at 784-5280, 24 hours a day.

The Sewer Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all 150 miles of public sanitary sewer mains and manholes. The service lines from houses and businesses to the main, including the connection at the main, are the responsibility of the property owners. The purpose of the Brighton Sewer Department is to ensure the efficient and sanitary movement of waste water to the Monroe County Treatment Facility.

We are responsible for the cleaning, construction, maintenance and transportation of sewage to the Monroe County Treatment Plant including 3 sanitary sewer pump stations. The Brighton Sewer District consists of 7 full time employees.

The Sewer Department is NOT responsible for maintaining sewer laterals. The owners are responsible for the lateral from the building to the main, which would include the removal of roots, grass, grease, or other blockages. Though the responsibility of the Town is limited to the sewer mains, the Sewer Department will attempt to remove blockages in the SANITARY lateral on an EMERGENCY basis.
Call us at 784-5280, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To help prevent backups see What To Flush?
See the Emergency Response Policy here.
Sewer Use Information

Rain Barrel Availability for Town of Brighton Residents:
Information as of April 12th 2015
If you live in the Town of Brighton you can purchase a rain barrel kit from the Town of Brighton Operations Center. Contact the Operations Center Office by telephone a day before you would like to purchase a rain barrel kit. Call office 784-5280 or Steve Zimmer at 784-5289. The Brighton Operations Center is located at 1941 Elmwood Avenue, and days and times that you can pick up rain barrels are Monday through Thursday, 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. Pre-cut rain barrel kits are $35, but are in relatively short supply. Uncut rain barrel kits are $25 and are more plentiful.

See pictures of past rain barrel classes ....

Flow Meters
The Town of Brighton recently purchased new flow monitoring devices to assess our system flows. These monitors track flows in main gravity sewers and our pump stations. The data gathered will be used for future studies related to; capacity management, future development, infiltration, inflow, and necessary improvements to the sanitary sewer systems.

The live data is available online for some of the monitored locations:
Click Here for Flow Meter Data
  • User name: telog
  • Password: demo