Leaf and Yard Debris Collection

 Leaf Vactor

As you may be aware, the Town has purchased a leaf vactor to supplement our leaf collection efforts that will soon begin.  The leaf vactor will constitute a separate collection crew that will be used throughout Town in appropriate neighborhood settings to increase efficiency as well as safety.  In order for this new piece of equipment to be effective, as it is solely designed to vacuum up leaves, 
yard debris cannot be commingled with leaves.  Please separate leaves and yard debris into separate piles or containerize as appropriate.  Also, please do not place leaves or yard debris in the street as this creates safety issues for pedestrians and motor vehicle operators.  As with any powerful, mechanical equipment, please observe from a safe distance, keeping adequate room between the vactor unit  and yourself.  Thanks for everyone’s cooperation in this regard. 
Bulk yard debris will be collected in the PINK shaded sub areas on Tuesday,October 25, 2016. Bulk yard debris pickup crews are expected to be in the YELLOW shaded sub areas on Wednesday, October 26, 2016. Use the address locator bar or the zooming feature of the interactive map to locate your street:

Containerized yard debris will be collected in the GREEN shaded sub areas on Tuesday, October 25, 2016. Containerized yard debris pickup crews are expected to be in the
  YELLOW shaded sub areas Wednesday, October 26, 2016. Use the address locator bar or the zooming feature of the interactive map to locate your street:

yard debris_thumb.jpg 

When the Town of Brighton begins our yard debris collection program you know it’s a sure sign that blue skies and warmer weather are on the way.

The Highway Department strives to provide weekly collection of material generated from normal lawn and garden maintenance from spring through fall. The yard debris collection schedule may be altered during this time allowing us to focus on street and infrastructure maintenance as well.

As our hardworking women and men make their way through Town, here are a few helpful reminders that will help keep our crews on schedule.

  • Grass clippings will not be collected.  The Town of Brighton has a grass-recycling program that encourages residents to either compost their clippings or simply leave them on the lawn.  Brighton residents may drop off grass clippings for composting at the Highway Department, which is located on 1941 Elmwood Avenue.
  • Small piles of yard debris or brush must be placed in acceptable containers for a quick, clean pickup. Containers must weigh no more than 50 lbs. Small loose piles will not be collected.
  • Please place brush and garden debris at the curb in containers or paper bags – not in plastic bags, or in a neatly stacked pile, no more than eight feet long, and free of sod, dirt, or construction debris.
  • Do not place any debris piles or containers onto the roadway, shoulders or gutters as it creates a safety hazard for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists and as this is also a violation of NYS Highway and NYS Vehicle & Traffic law.
  •  Do not mix household refuse with yard waste.
  • For ease of collection, bulk yard debris or brush piles must not be placed next to or around obstructions.

For more information, call the Highway Department at 784-5280 or check out the Town’s website at www.townofbrighton.org for daily location updates of yard debris collection.